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Frequently Asked Questions

Type of animals:

We have a selection to choose from: teddy bears, giraffes, lions, foxes, dinosaurs, unicorns, elephants, lamas, and sloths.


What does the process involve?

After deciding what animal you want, we look at the fabric/s you have to use and piece the design together from there. I can embroider special names, dates, and messages too (a small additional cost). Everything is done in-house (from my home in Kaiapoi) from consultation and design through to pick up.


How long will my animal take?

Once I have everything I need, your memory animal will be ready in approximately a month.


Can you do weighted animals?

Yes absolutely, however, this costs quite a bit more due to the additional materials and work involved.



How much fabric do you need?

It entirely depends on what animal we are creating and for what purpose. Generally speaking:

  • For children’s animals, the more the better, but I recommend at least 6-9 pieces

  • A male XL shirt can be used to create 3 bears and smaller shirts can create 2 bears


What sort of fabric can I provide?

Any fabrics which can be ironed are appropriate, this includes light hand knitted items.


How much does an animal cost?

The average price is $50 - $70 per animal.


How big are they?

Each animal is a different size, the bears are 31cm tall. I can make them smaller or bigger if needed.


How do I pay?

Via bank transfer or cash if you are picking up.


What if I don’t like my animal? Can I get a refund?

As each animal is so bespoke and personal to each client, I cannot accept returns. However, if you’re not happy neither am I, so I am always open to trying to fix the problem and make desired changes.


Do you offer gift vouchers? Yes absolutely! I provide physical vouchers printed on great quality thick card stock which can be posted or picked up.

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